WY – Larmie County

Laramie County Wyoming

Laramie County Wyoming

This area is provided for users to ask questions and discuss leasing and oil industry activity in their specific area of the Niobrara. It is helplful if you list your Section, Township and Range so that others can know how close they are to you and what information may be relevant.

If you spot either Seismic, Well Drilling or other activity please report it here with at least a a road intersection or a Section, Township or Range location.

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One Response to WY – Larmie County

  1. deanwilliams says:

    Anybody seeing much leasing activity in the east half of Laramie County? And if so, what bonus and royalty offers being experinced. I am aware that Bill Barrett has been drilling Niobrara wells in the center of the county near the very south end and just across from Weld County, CO. Understand that the results are gnerally good but not sure that this is rolling into any positive effects for leasing activity in the east half.

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