Recovery Energy Focuses 2013 Exploration Program on Nebraska – Wyoming Border

Recovery Energy Acreage

Recovery Energy Acreage – Click to Enlarge

While the bulk of Niobrara activity has been focused on Colorado’s Wattenberg field, other companies like Recovery Energy have been actively searching for prospects in Wyoming and Nebraska which also hold great potential for Niobrara Oil.

Recovery Energy has amassed a large inventory of over 126,000 net acres with Codell, Niobrara and other resource and conventional development potential. The acreage is on long term leases with options for renewal. The companies inventory contains acreage in the  Core Wattenberg field with the bulk of its acreage on the Wyoming – Nebraska border to the east of the Silo field.

Recovery Energy’s 2013 drilling program will focus on low risk, conventional offsets to existing production and unconventional horizontal drilling on two low-risk prospect areas in the Wattenberg field. The Company has identified up to 18 initial gross well locations at the Lang and Sawyer Prospects in Weld County, Colorado, both of which target the Niobrara and Codell formations

The company intends to run an additional 20 square miles of 3D seismic at its Stateline and Pine Bluffs prospect areas in Laramie County, Wyoming, and Kimball and Banner Counties, Nebraska. The team will be reviewing and interpreting the potential for the Niobrara, Codell, Greenhorn, ‘J’ sandstone and Permo-Penn horizons.

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