House Bill 13-1269 seeks to change Colorado Oil and Gas Commission

Colorado State Capitol

Colorado State Capitol

On March 28th, the House Bill 13-1269 – “CONCERNING THE REDUCTION OF CONFLICTS OF INTEREST WITHIN THE COLORADO OIL AND GAS CONSERVATION COMMISSION” is scheduled to be heard before the House Transportation and Energy Committee Upon Adjournment of the House of Representatives.

Proponents of the bill believe it will end perceived conflicts of interest within the COGCC. Opponents of the bill believe that the bill re-purposes the COGCC to eliminate its core function to foster responsible oil and gas development within the state.

Of particular interest are the slight language and definition changes within the bill. 

Anyone interested contacting their representatives to express their opinions on the bill before the hearing can contact the following representatives:

Rep. Mike Foote, Bill Sponsor — Boulder

Rep. Max Tyler, Committee Chairman — Golden

Rep. Dominick Moreno, Committee Vice-Chair — Commerce City

Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush — Steamboat Springs

Rep. Randy Fischer — Fort Collins

Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp — Arvada

Rep. Pete E Lee — Colorado Springs

Rep. Cherylin Peniston — Westminster

Rep. Dianne Primavera — Broomfield

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