The Public Land Survey System

Public Land Survey System

Do I have mineral rights? In order to answer the question you must first understand the legal description of your land. Your land description will usually be given to you in PLSS language, however if your land has been subdivided by a home builder or you live in a subdivsion you may have a lot or parcel number, however you should also have a legal description of the Section, Township and Range that your lot is located in.

It is important for you to determine the minimal PLSS description your land is located in for you to continue a successful search of your Mineral Estate.

At a minimum you should know your Section, Township and Range. If you own a full section or a quarter section, then it will be easy. If you own a lot in a subdivision, then it may take a bit more work. Try the following methods to determine your PLSS description.

  • Look at the closing papers for your Mortgage
  • Locate yourself on a Topographic Map. Usually you can find Section, Township and Range there.
  • Locate your Parcel on your Counties Website. Usually your legal land description will be listed there.
  • If you know your latitude and longitude from a GPS device go to and it will show you your legal in Section, Township and Range.



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