Geokinetics now conducting seismic survey in Elbert County

Geokinetcs Seismic Survey

Field photo of seismic equipment being used along the roads in Elbert County, CO – Click to Enlarge

We have had field reports from three separate parties that Geokinetics is actively conducting a seismic survey in Elbert County, CO. The survey lines have been reported along county roads, 13 and 17. The survey equipment consists of geophones that are wired together and have antennas. There also seems to be equipment trucks that appear to be monitoring and collecting the data.  No thumper trucks have been reported however.

Geokinetics was approved for the survey by the COGCC in 2011. The survey is called Gryphon 3D and Delbert 3D in state records but is referred to by the company as Niobrara 3D. The survey is being conducted for multiple clients. For a map of the survey areas permitted please see our article: Geokinetics Plans Southern Niobrara-3D-Seismic Survey

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