Niobrara News – First Post

Welcome to the Niobrara News. This Blog is dedicated to dissemination of news, and events related to the Niobrara Shale Play in the Denver – Julesburg Basin of Southern Wyoming and Colorado. This oil play is at the time of this posting still a stealth play. Only a couple of discovery wells have been drilled, however a mad land rush is on for mineral rights. This blog is a place to find answers to questions, ask questions, and track the development of this play. Shale Oil plays are the next big energy frontier in the USA.

Blog Rules: All posts and comments will be edited for profanity and relevance to the topic. User registration is only required in order to keep down the spam that unfortunately occurs on blogs without this minimal level of accountability. Comments or postings that are considered inflammatory, unreasonable, slanderous and are without technical or factual merit, or that are completely off topic, will be removed from this site. All thoughtful discussions are welcome and encouraged.

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