CO Senate Bill 12-088 Seeks to Strip Cities and Counties of all Regulatory Authority on Oil and Gas Development

County RegulationsSenate Bill 12-088 is scheduled to come before Colorado Senate Local Government Committee on Thursday, February 16th. The bill, co-sponsored by Douglas County Senator Ted Harvey (R-Douglas County), would block attempts by counties or municipalities to impose regulations on oil and gas development, exclusively reserving same to the state.

As oil development in the Niobrara along the Colorado Front Range encroaches on the more densely populated areas of of the state, many cites and counties have been rushing to draft regulations to address issues concerning the industrialization of these more densely populated areas as their residents express concern. Recently Boulder County, El Paso County, and Commerce City have enacted drilling moratoriums until they can put in place regulations that address residents concerns about nearby industrial development.

Interested parties for or against the bill may contact the members of the committee at the email addresses listed below to express their opinions on the bill.

Joyce Foster (D, Chair) ;

Jeanne Nicholson (D, Vice-Chair) ;

Irene Aguilar (D) ;

Tim Neville (R) ;

Ellen Roberts (R)

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