Still months to go for Colorado Springs oil and gas rules

County RegulationsJune 04, 2012 – The Gazette

Colorado Springs’ oil and gas committee agreed Monday to recommend areas for the city to regulate, but there are still several steps and months of work ahead before actual recommendations are adopted and companies could begin drilling.

The committee’s three City Council members unanimously voted to recommend that council adopt state standards on setbacks, seek fees to recoup the direct costs of drilling, both administrative and for infrastructure like road damage, require a public notification process,  seek a water quality monitoring program, consider a number of zoning options, and avoid conflicts with state regulations.

City Council will take up those recommendations at a June 26 meeting and, presumably, direct city staff to come up with regulatory options to codify the areas. Then council will look at the options at a later meeting, hold some sort of public meeting, then direct staff to come up with draft regulations, which will come back to council.

The whole process could take another two months or more, said City Councilman Val Snider, who heads the committee. He said he’s considering asking Mayor Steve Bach to see if things could be speeded up by getting city staff working on recommendations ahead of the June 26 meeting
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