Judge: Colorado oil and gas lawsuit vs. Longmont may proceed

Colorado Oil and Gas Commission

Colorado Oil and Gas Commission

By Scott Rochat Longmont Times-Call – November 27, 2012

A state lawsuit against Longmont over oil and gas issues can proceed, and the Colorado Oil and Gas Association can join the suit, a Boulder District Court judge ruled Tuesday.

Judge D.D. Mallard denied the city’s request to dismiss the suit, which seeks to strike down some of the city’s new drilling regulations.  The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, the state’s oil and gas regulators, brought the suit in July.Mallard ruled that the COGCC did have the ability to bring the suit and that there was a controversy that the court could be asked to rule on. In requesting the dismissal, part of the city’s argument had been that there could be no suit because no one had yet been denied a permit under the new city rules.

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