COGCC Public Hearing on Establishing New and Amended Rules for Statewide Setbacks

Colorado Oil and Gas Commission

Colorado Oil and Gas Commission

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission will hold a series of  pre-hearings and hearings for the purpose of establishing new and amended rules regarding oil and gas drilling in the state. The public and interested parties (must be registered) are welcome to attend.  In their own words:

The Oil and Gas Conservation Commission of the State of Colorado (“Commission”),  on its own motion, will consider additions and amendments to the Rule 100 Series (Definitions), 200 Series (General Rules), 300 Series (Drilling, Development, Production, and Abandonment), 500 Series (Rules of Practice and Procedure), 600 Series (Safety Regulations), 800 Series (Aesthetic and Noise Control Regulations), 900 Series (E&P Waste Management), 1100 Series (Pipeline Regulations), and 1200 Series (Protection of Wildlife Resources) of the Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure 2 CCR 404-1 (“Rules”) to establish new and amended rules for statewide setbacks applicable to drilling and well servicing operations, high density areas and designated outside activity areas, and, aesthetic and noise control regulations.

The first pre-hearing will occur on October 26th, 2012 and the first hearing will occur on November 26th, 2012. The public and interested parties are encouraged to attend. The hearing notice along with proposed draft regulations are available at

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