Arapahoe County Hearing To Address Draft Oil and Gas Regulations on Jan 3, 2012

County RegulationsOn January 3rd, 2012 Arapahoe County, Colorado will hold a hearing to address oil and gas development in the county. According to the Arapahoe county website the purpose of the meeting is to seek public comment on their recently drafted regulations.

Arapahoe county is joining other front range counties (Douglas and Elbert) interested in addressing what some county residents consider holes or loopholes in state regulations by suggesting more stringent regulations for the oil and gas industry than are currently required by the COGCC.  The COGCC has repeatedly stated that Colorado has the most protective O&G regulations in the nation and that additional county or city regulations are unnecessary. It is clear that Douglas, Elbert, and now Arapahoe county, all differ with the COGCC by their writing of draft regulations that are significantly more stringent than those of the COGCC, especially on highly sensitive subject of setbacks from residences.

Recently,  Arapahoe County drafted regulations to more thoroughly address land-use impacts of oil and gas exploration within our jurisdiction. Their purpose is to establish rules that provide reasonable limitations and safeguards for the exploration and production of oil and gas resources in the County and the impact it has on the environment, roads, etc.

Once approved, the regulations will provide a framework for responsible exploration and production of oil and gas resources that conserves other natural resources, that is sensitive to surrounding land uses, and mitigates adverse impacts and protects the public health, safety, welfare and environment of the County. These potential impacts include: noise, odor, light pollution, water pollution and damage to county infrastructure, such as the impact of heavy equipment on County roads

If you wish to attend this meeting the time and place is shown below or submit your comments from the county online site:

Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing:
Tuesday, January 3rd at 9:30 AM
East Hearing Room – Arapahoe County Government
Administration Building
5334 S. Prince Street
Littleton, CO 80120-1136

Alternatively, you may fill out a county online comment form to submit your comments.

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