Visualize Niobrara Production Data Interactively

A cool interactive website by Enno Peters, Visualizing US shale oil & gas production,  allows a user to visualize shale play production statistics, including the Niobrara, in many interesting ways.  You can view production/decline curves by formation/member, by year, by county, and even by specific well.

This interactive presentation contains the latest oil & gas production data from all 6855 horizontal wells that started production in the Niobrara region (Colorado & Wyoming) since 2009/2010, through August 2017 (as of this posting).

The interactivity of this site is truly amazing and allows one to slice and dice oil and gas production data as far as you want.  It was interesting to view how much production has improved in the Niobrara since the play was started in the 2009 time frame.  This site is definitely worth a look!

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3 Responses to Visualize Niobrara Production Data Interactively

  1. Shnog says:

    **edited for syntax**
    Am I the only person who is amazed by this tool? It seems this smart fellow reverse-engineered the type of proprietary software that the E&P companies use. What a marvel! Very impressed.

  2. shnog says:

    So activity south of DIA has spiked in recent months, with what looks like COP working their way North towards the airport.
    What looked like mainly assessment activity has recently flipped to pad drilling, as COP has amended several sites with additional planned laterals. So they must have confidence that this area is going to be productive on some level. I remember reading that one of their wells in this area had some of the best IP numbers in DJ basin history.
    What is striking is how Bison has moved in and is planning multi-well pads without apparent assessment drilling beforehand. I wonder who’s data they are using, and their pace compared to COP’s “deliberate” efforts is notable.
    At any rate, this area is seeing pad drilling efforts that were unheard of anywhere outside Weld Co. two years ago.
    Another interesting “development” is the recent story about the “Aurora Highlands”, a huge residential/commercial project planned for the area directly south of the airport. Apparently the developer, one “Carlo Ferriera” realized that the planned wells in the area that he wanted to build were in conflict with his neighborhood planning. He then attempted to get COP to move their well pads and do 3 mile laterals instead of 2 mile laterals.
    Unsurprisingly, COP said “No thanks” and the progress for Aurora Highlands has hit a snag pending an agreement between his company and COP, which at this point seems unlikely.

  3. Shnog says:

    Thanks for posting this!

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