Sinclair can’t condemn property for petroleum pipeline, Colorado Supreme Court rules

Denver Business Journal – Date: Monday, May 21, 2012

The Colorado Supreme Court    on Monday ruled that Sinclair Transportation Co. doesn’t have the legal authority to condemn private property for construction of a petroleum pipeline.

But the seven-member court was far from united in its decision. Justice Nancy Rice wrote the majority opinion, while three other justices dissented.

Two of the justices — Gregory Hobbs Jr. and Allison Eid — went so far as to write separate dissenting opinions.

Sinclair Transportation is a subsidiary of Salt Lake City-based based Sinclair Oil Corp.

The case centers on Weld County properties owned by the Sandberg and Larson families. Sinclair Transportation has a 1963 easement on the properties that allowed the Wyoming company to construct an underground 6-inch pipeline.

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