Press Release: The Longest Running Water Management Event in The Rockies Returns To Denver This Month

Produced Water Reuse Initiative 2014Pressure to reuse produced water in tight oil and shale gas plays in the Rocky Mountains is ever increasing, with a recent study by Ceres showing that reusing produced water can achieve a cost reduction of 24-46% per barrel.

The program for the 4th Annual Produced Water Reuse 2014: Rocky Mountains Tight Oil & Shale Gas Plays Initiative, (Denver, October 29-30) has purposely been redesigned to reflect this and focus on cost-reduction strategies for produced water reuse in the Bakken and the DJ, Powder River, Uinta & Piceance Basins. “There is no other conference that delivers real-life, useful and practical insight from the operators’ perspective instead of sales pitches – which is really important in the industry right now, to allow information and ideas to flow so that operators can get their costs down and start reusing produced water more effectively. This event delivers that insight.” Says Elspeth Brown, director of the conference.

Based entirely on work done in the Rockies region in the last few months, the event features 18+ unique operator led case studies from Apache Corporation, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, WPX Energy, QEP Energy Company, Laredo Petroleum and Noble Energy to mention a few. The two day event is dedicated to examining the optimal water treatment, storage & recycling strategies for minimizing the cost of water reuse in the Rocky Mountains, and determining the most cost-effective water sourcing and disposal methods.

“Operators looking for new water treatment solutions, to potentially save millions of dollars on their operations will benefit from the platform the conference provides, where they can learn and benchmark with peers.” Says Brown.

“We’re looking for new technologies, new ways to treat our water” says Tyler Bittner, Engineering Manager at WPX Energy, who is speaking at the conference. “What we see is the technology changing rapidly. We want to stay at the forefront of that. “

Phil Winner, CEO & President of Outrider Energy, who is chairing the conference says “Professionals from smaller companies will also benefit from seeing what some of the larger companies are doing, seeing what the state of the technology is, getting regulatory updates, and networking.”

The event program, speaker and sponsorship details are available on the event website here:

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