Pioneer Energy takes aim at unwanted ‘flared’ natural gas in oil fields

Oilfield Separator - Click to Enlarge

Oilfield Separator – Click to Enlarge

 – Reporter-Denver Business Journal – July 29, 2014

Robert Zubrin, founder and president of Pioneer Energy Inc. in Lakewood, has spent decades working on aerospace projects aimed at interplanetary travel, including more than 60 contracts for NASA.

And he’s translated some of that work into a mobile oil and gas recovery unit, called the Mobile Alkane Gas Separator, or MAGS, that could eliminate one of the biggest headaches of wildcat drilling — the flaring of valuable natural gas when the well site is miles from a processing plant or pipeline.

Today, many energy companies are focused on finding and producing oil — which is priced higher than natural gas.

The problem is that every oil well also produces a mixture of natural gas and natural gas liquids. The liquids, including the crude oil, can be stored in tanks and transported by truck to market.

But the natural gas needs to be put into a pipeline to get to market. And if the nearest pipeline is miles away, the natural gas is typically burned off, or “flared,” into the atmosphere.

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