Noble gets a $7.8 million reduction in its 2012 Weld County tax bill

NobleEnergyLogoBy Mark Jaffe – The Denver Post – April 13, 2015

Noble Energy, one of the largest oil and gas operators on the Front Range, received an 11 percent cut in its 2012 Weld County tax bill Monday worth $7.8 million.

That cut will be shared by 130 taxing districts — towns, schools, fire departments — in reduced checks set to go out in April, according to Christopher Woodruff, the county assessor.

The Weld County Commission approved the Houston-based company’s petition for an abatement on its tax bill, which is calculated based on the number of wells and their production minus expenses.

A key to the reduced the bill was allowable expenses that Noble had not taken, Woodruff said.

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