Niobrara Surprises to the Upside

Niobrara2013_170x60Niobrara Infrastructure Development Summit – March 19th, 2013 – A distinguished panel consisting of Fred Julander, President, Julander Energy Company – Brian Peters, Project Manager – Wattenberg/DJ, Andadarko Petroleum – Scott Reasoner, Vice President Western Operations, PDC Energy   discussed the topic of “PRODUCERS OUTLOOK ON NEW INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT NEEDED TO SUPPORT BOOMING NIOBRARA PRODUCTION“.

The panel discussion was lively and informative.  Fred Julander started off by informing the audience of a significant new Niobrara discovery by Double Eagle Petroleum in Carbon County Wyoming.  He went on to describe the Niobrara’s lucrative possibilities in the Sand Wash basin of Northern Colorado. During the discussion the panel all agreed from differing corporate perspectives that they didn’t know how good the Niobrara production could get and that this play had habit of surprising on the upside. PDC’s Scott Reasoner reported that the Codell Formation looked as good as the Niobrara, if not better.

Brian Peters of Anadarko said that up until now that Niobrara development had not been hindered by lack of infrastructure, but that the planned infrastructure build outs of pipelines and rail transport capabilities were needed to support the planned growth and drilling plans of all the operators. He noted that the lag in Niobrara development [as compared to other plays] was intentional and was paced to match the infrastructure build out of rail, gas and oil pipelines, and  processing plants. He highlighted that Anadarko was planning on drilling 500 wells a year by 2017.

Collectively the panel agreed that the Niobrara play was accelerating and that the necessary infrastructure of rail, pipelines, and processing plants were planned to meet the operators needs just in time to support their production goals.

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