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Regardless of if you are for or against the exploration for and drilling of Oil and Gas in your area, it is a fact that the Niobrara Shale Formation is a hot target for the oil companies and that drilling in many areas is inevitable.

It is advantageous to mineral owners (you should do some research to confirm that you are a mineral owner) to organize together to discuss how they should deal with the oil companies in their leasing arrangements. There is power in numbers, and an organized group can deal more effectively and get more compensation for their minerals together than alone.

This page is a forum for mineral owners to connect with each other so they can share information about leasing terms, going rates for leases, details of leasing language, and active leasing operations in their area.

It is suggested that those looking for fellow mineral owners postings their County. It is helpful is you list your Section, Township and Range so you know who you should connect with.



The Public Land Survey System - Courtesy of US Government

If you do not know your legal description of your property you should first look at your closing papers, if they are not available contact your County Clerk Assessors office. You may also find what section you are in if you look at a USGS topographic map of your area. If you county has a website that would also be the first place to start as your records should be visible there since it is a public record.

Since the Niobrara play is currently on 640 acre spacing units (1 square mile) it is suggested that mineral owners organize by Section.

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2 Responses to Leasing and Area Activity


    any new leases expected to resume at sec 9 of the unit 1500 feet niobrara fossil creek SW/4SE/4 OF SEC 29 TOWNSHIP37 N , RANGE 66 WEST, 6TH P.M. I HAVE OTHER MINERAL RIGHTS TOO

  2. Barb Sawyer says:

    We have mineral rights for SE:25,T:6N,R62W. The current driller in the section got approval to split off the eastern half and drill in the western half due, if memory serves, to difficulties in determining ownership of the eastern half. I’m actually glad as I hate to have our reserves pumped at $37/bbl and we’re not in a hurry for it, but does anyone know the status of that section, why there was any “glitch” in drilling rights being clear. I was under the impression that, if there were any uncertainties in the rights that the clear owners (like us) would be paid and the disputed claims could go into escrow. No hurry finding this out, but I’d like to resolve the issue before, hopefully, the price goes back up. Thanks and Happy New Year!

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