Press Release: 1st Annual Niobrara Shale Conference & MHIAC

Mile High Industrial Automation and Niobrara Shale Conference

Every Spring, Denver has been host to hundreds of industrial and automation companies throughout the country with the Mile High Industrial and Automation Conference. The conference showcases the latest automation technologies and innovations and provides two days of educational and training presentations from industry leaders. This year will mark the conference’s 4th year and it has recently been announced that the show will be introducing a new segment that has the oil and gas industry buzzing: The 1st Annual Niobrara Shale Conference.

Collocated with the MHIAC, the 1st Annual Niobrara Shale Conference will take place at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver on April 17-18, 2012. Throughout the two day event, experts in the field will be leading information sessions regarding the shale’s unique geography and the implications it has for the oil and gas industry.

Slated to present is Colorado School of Mines Professor, Dr. Steve Sonnenberg. Dr. Sonnenberg, a renowned Geologist highly regarded in the industry, will be speaking on “Understanding the Geology of the Niobrara Shale.” Other presentation topics slated for the conference include: Outlook for Niobrara Production, Environmental Regulation, Water Treatment, Transportation of Product Outlook (Pipeline, Train, Truck), Breakdown of Niobrara Oil/Gas/Liquid Content, Community Infrastructure Needs, and Addressing Power Needs for Niobrara Growth.

For more information regarding the 1st Annual Niobrara Shale Conference or the 4th Annual Mile High Industrial and Automation Conference, please visit To attend FREE, please register online at by April 2, 2012.

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3 Responses to Press Release: 1st Annual Niobrara Shale Conference & MHIAC

  1. charles mcpherson says:

    good news for EOG

  2. Good ews ! what about EOP resouerces ?

    • RockPick says:


      Do you mean EOG Resources? They are tearing it up in Wattenberg as well. Almost as many requests as Noble Energy.

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