Press Release: New website set to disrupt Oil & Gas Industry


 October 14, 2013

For years, the Oil & Gas industry has been slanted in favor of industry professionals who purchase or lease mineral rights. Limited access to buyers and information has prevented mineral owners from realizing the full value of their minerals.  With the launch of on April 2, 2013, mineral owners now have the resources they need to level the playing field.

Through US Mineral Exchange, the future of mineral rights leasing and sales has finally moved online.   Prior to the existence of US Mineral Exchange, mineral owners did not have a mineral owner focused marketplace that allowed buyers to compete for their mineral rights.  In addition, mineral owners had few sources of information about the potential value of their minerals.  This resulted in mineral owners being forced to work with a single buyer for their property and accept the prices offered.

“After evaluating the market for mineral owners, we knew there had to be a better way” said Eric Winegar, executive partner at US Mineral Exchange.  “We found that every website we visited was operating on behalf of buyers and we wanted to create an outlet that would benefit the seller.” The new online service boasts an education center designed specifically for mineral owners and a listing platform that allows them to reach thousands of qualified buyers.

Mineral owners appear to support the new service and have already listed over $10 Million in mineral rights since the website launched.  “Mineral Owners have been searching for the ‘go to’ place to sell or lease mineral rights and they have finally found the platform they were looking for” Winegar said.  With many owners searching online to learn more about their minerals or market them for sale, US Mineral Exchange provides a desperately needed service.

Contact : Eric Winegar – Executive Partner – US Mineral Exchange – 888-833-3509

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