NARO to host FREE Mineral Owners’ Town Hall Meeting

National Association of Royalty Owners

National Association of Royalty Owners

Mineral Owners’ Town Hall Meeting
Renaissance Boulder Flatiron Hotel
April 3, 2014 7-10 PM

The NARO Rockies Board of Directors is hosting a meeting for all mineral owners and we need your help. We must ALL work together to insure our minerals are developed and as mineral owners we must stop the unlawful taking of our private property. As you read through this message, you will understand that we are taking this issue seriously and with your help we will retain the right to have our minerals developed.

Colorado, like most other western states, recognizes separate ownership of the surface estate and the mineral estate and the distinct private property rights associated with each. Because each party has rights associated with the ownership of their respective estate, individuals are entitled to exercise their rights to develop these resources. NARO believes any governmental agency that passes regulations that prohibit the development of a mineral interest is committing an unconstitutional taking of private property.

This is considered a “taking” of mineral rights and is subject to just compensation.

There are approximately 740 sections of land in the County of Boulder alone, with the potential for eight to sixteen horizontal wells per section. The potential loss of royalties per section of land being confiscated through bans and moratoriums by city and county regulation is staggering. The potential loss of royalty revenue to the mineral owners in a single section would be in the hundreds of millions of dollars!

The National Association of Mineral Owners (NARO), Rockies Chapter, a mineral owner advocacy group, is looking for mineral owners who want to assert, and legally defend, their right to develop their minerals. NARO has retained experienced legal counsel to assist in evaluating mineral owners’ options. NARO wants to provide information to each of you to help evaluate the impact recent drilling and hydraulic fracturing bans will have on your future, and to consider all available options.

If you own minerals in one of the ban/moratorium areas: City and County of Boulder, City and County of Broomfield, City of Fort Collins, City of Lafayette, City of Longmont, or the City of Brighton, and want critical information necessary to defend your rights, please attend this very important meeting:

DATE: April 3, 2014
TIME: 7-10 PM
Location: Renaissance Boulder Flatiron Hotel
500 Flatiron Blvd
Broomfield, CO 80021

Come and get your questions answered.
Seating is limited so arrive early. See you there!

Thank you!

National Association of Royalty Owners – Rockies Chapter

If you would like to discuss this issue directly please contact:

Michelle Smith at 720-723-2770 (,
Neil Ray at 303-880-0617 ( or
Debra Anderson at 719-661-7614 ( .

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