Natural Gas and Oil Plays – Look before you leap

With all the hype about both natural gas and oil plays in the “Shales”, be they the Barnett Shale, or the Marcellus Shale on the East Coast, the Bakken in North Dakota, or even our own Niobrara Shale here in Colorado and Wyoming, it is only prudent to look at the affects of some of the unintended consequences that occur in this type of boom-town atmosphere.

It was disturbing to learn that some churches (non profit) in Texas that have leased their land for natural gas “may” lose their tax-exempt status without even benefiting from any royalties. I am sure those organizations never even considered those consequences before leasing.

With the above paragraph in mind,  we wish to point you to a an article from New York Time entitled “Insiders Sound Alarm Amid a Natural Gas Rush” which details the plight of churches in Texas as well as a few more concerns. As always, we ask you to do your own due diligence on this topic and form your own opinion. We will also point out that this article specifically refers to the Natural Gas Rush and not Oil. Clearly though the context of and similarities in any rush is not lost on us.

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