Vital_For_Colorado_LogoVITAL CHAIRMAN: “It isn’t just oil and gas companies who will suffer if these attempts to hijack our state’s energy policy succeed. The entire economy of this great state – from men and women working along the main streets of rural Colorado to those occupying the high rises in downtown Denver – will suffer dramatically if this anti-oil and gas extremism prevails”

For Immediate Release: Contact: Peter Moore (pmoore@polsinelli.com)
March 5, 2014

Denver – A coalition of the leading business and civic organizations across the state of Colorado, calling itself Vital for Colorado, has formed to advocate for a responsible oil and gas policy, it was announced today. The group’s launch comes amid various attempts by environmental activists to make it easier for local governments to ban energy development. “Colorado is a state known for a balanced, thoughtful approach to doing business,” said Peter Moore, a local attorney and Chairman of the Board for Vital for Colorado. “As narrow-minded interest groups try to undo that balance in our energy policy, Vital for Colorado is determined to tell the rest of the story, from the vantage of business men and women across this state.

“It isn’t just oil and gas companies who will suffer if these attempts to hijack our state’s energy policy succeed. The entire economy of this great state – from men and women working along the main streets of rural Colorado to those occupying the high rises in downtown Denver – will suffer dramatically if this anti-oil and gas extremism prevails,” Moore said. “Vital for Colorado is appropriately named,” said Rachel Nance, a senior consultant retained by Vital for Colorado, who also is a Principal with Lewis Roca Rothgerber, former senior adviser to Governor Bill Owens and past Vice President of the Colorado Realtors Association. “A thoughtful energy policy that embraces sensible production of oil and gas and respect of property rights is Vital to Colorado, our
economy, our schools, social services and thousands of charitable organizations in communities east to west. And just the same, in the face of the hype and hyperbole being targeted at hydraulic fracturing, it is vital that the broader business community asserts its voice in this critical debate.

“Vital for Colorado supports a balanced energy policy that includes responsible oil and gas development, and our goal is to unify like-minded citizens and organization all across.”
Vital for Colorado’s mission is to promote the benefits of energy production in Colorado, highlight energy resource extraction as a critical part of Colorado’s state economy, and support a rational, well-regulated, and competitive regulatory environment which allows energy production in the state to thrive responsibly. Vital for Colorado is composed of a volunteer board of women and men business leaders from across the state. For more information please visit www.vitalforcolorado.com

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