New Report Available on Triggered Earthquakes from Colorado Geological Survey

Earthquake Fault Diagram – Courtesy USGS

A new report from the Colorado Geological Survey (CGS) is available on man triggered earthquakes. Recently there has been some controversy over hydro-fracing of oil wells and any connections with earthquakes.

In the report the CGS states that to date there have been only two instances of earthquakes tied to hydrofracing and that the magnitude of both were less that 3.0 on the Richter scale.  The USGS states, “Fracking causes earthquakes but that they are almost always too small to cause a safety concern.”  Scientists at both the State and Federal levels have been frustrated by the widespread misrepresentation in the media that “fracking causes earthquakes”.

The report goes on to talk about earthquakes that may have been caused as a result of waste water injection and that the studies thus far have been inconclusive.

To read the full report go to

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