FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: American Petroleum Institute Chair Jim Raney to Present the latest API Hydraulic Fracturing Guidelines at the 1st Annual Niobrara Shale Conference

Mile High Industrial Automation and Niobrara Shale Conference

Thursday, April 5, 2012. DENVER, CO: The Niobrara Shale Conference Executive Committee is excited to announce the latest addition to the speaker schedule at this year’s Niobrara Shale Conference, coming April 17th and 18th at the Colorado Convention Center. The first year conference, which has already garnered much attention from professionals in the industry, welcomes Jim Raney to its lineup of presenters. Raney, who is the Chair of the American Petroleum Institute’s HF1, HF2, and HF3, as well as the Corporate Head of Engineering and Technology at Anadarko, will be discussing the Hydraulic Fracturing Guideline Documents from API.

As outlined on, the documents cover operations, management, and practices of hydraulic fracturing as it relates to deep shale gas development:

API HF1, Hydraulic Fracturing Operations-Well Construction and Integrity Guidelines (1st Ed./Oct. ‘09), provides guidance and highlights industry recommended practices for well construction, as well as how to help ensure that shallow groundwater aquifers and the environment will be protected, while also enabling economically viable development of oil and natural gas resources.

API HF2, Water Management Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing (1stEd./Jun. ‘10), identifies and describes many of the current industry best practices used to minimize environmental and societal impacts associated with the acquisition, use, management, treatment, and disposal of water and other fluids as it relates to the process of hydraulic fracturing.

API HF3, Practices for Mitigating Surface Impacts Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing (1stEd./Jan. ‘11), identifies and describes practices currently used in the oil and natural gas industry to minimize surface environmental impacts, including potential impacts on surface water, soils, wildlife, other surface ecosystems, and nearby communities, as it relates to hydraulic fracturing operations.

On Tuesday, April 17th, Jim Raney will provide an overview of these documents and discuss their implications for companies involved in Hydraulic Fracturing.

For more info on the Niobrara Shale Conference or for a schedule of conference presentations, please visit The 1st Annual Niobrara Shale Conference will be collocated with the 4th Annual Mile High Industrial and Automation Conference on April 17-18, 2012 at the Colorado Convention Center. Register to attend FREE at

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