Non-Andersonian Faulting – A Reservoir Paradigm Shift

Slide showing Andersonian and non-Andersonian Faulting

Slide showing Andersonian and non-Andersonian Faulting

Today at the Geological Society of America’s conference in Denver a presentation titled “NON-ANDERSONIAN FAULT ANALYSIS IN RESERVOIRS” was given by Seth Busetti of ConocoPhillips Structure and Geomechanics. The presentation centered on using a non-Andersonian solution to understand three dimensional fault evolution in some petroleum reservoirs.

The talk was to feature three examples of real reservoir scenarios at different scales where simplified Andersonian conditions cannot be used and fully three-dimensional solution techniques are required.

Examples were provided for the Suban gas field, Sumatra, and the Barnett Shale in Texas, however the third example for the Niobrara was removed at the last minute “for secrecy”.  The only references provided on the Niobrara was found in the presentation Summary: “The second case involves faulting in the Niobrara shale play, Denver Basin, where only optimally oriented overburden faults intersecting the reservoir are expected to locally enhance permeability.”

ConocoPhillips is currently conducting exploration drilling in the Niobrara on its properties around the Lowry Bombing Range. Results of Conoco’s exploration in this area that has commanded the highest prices ever paid for a State Lease, continue to be elusive.

Click here for a full text summary for the presentation.

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