Hickenlooper: Colorado won’t sue Longmont over fracking ban, but will back energy firms that do


Source: Denver Business Journal - Frack Fluids

Source: Denver Business Journal – Gelled “frack” fluid dangles in mid-air above a cup during a test that water temperature and sand-water-chemical mixtures are correct. The test is performed before and during every hydraulic fracturing job.

 Reporter– Denver Business Journal

Colorado won’t sue Longmont over a ballot initiative that bans hydraulic fracturing within city limits, but the state stands ready to support any oil and gas company that believes the ban on fracking constitutes a taking of its mineral rights, Gov. John Hickenlooper said Thursday.

“It’s a clear taking from oil and gas mineral rights owners,” Hickenlooper said Thursday during a speech to more than 300 oil and gas executives at the Rockies Midstream Conference, presented by Hart Energy, at the Colorado Convention Center.

“But there is uncertainty on whether [the state has] legal standing to sue, because nothing has been taken from the state,” he said.

If a company with leases in the area sues Longmont — something Hickenlooper said he believes will happen, based on conversations he’s had with oil and gas executives in recent weeks — the state will offer its “help and support” he said.

“I am very certain [Longmont’s ban on fracking] will not stand unchallenged,” Hickenlooper said.

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