FrackNation Seeks To Dispel Gasland Claims

Fracking Diagram

Fracking Diagram

At 9 pm Mountain Time on January 22nd, 2013, the the premiere of FrackNation, a documentary by freelance Irish journalist Phelim McAleer was aired on AXStv available on Dish Network. McAleer’s impressive journalistic credentials lend legitimacy to this film which was  funded by over 3000 grass roots donations using Kickstarter.   Fracking has been controversial since Josh Fox’s Gasland documentary painted an extremely critical picture of the hydraulic fracturing process used to extract oil and gas. Fox’s documentary is credited with inspiring bans on use of the process in many counties and states in the US where the practice was being used to unlock hydrocarbons from shales. Fracking is actively being used to help extract oil and gas from the Niobrara Formation in Colorado and Wyoming.

FrackNation seemed to successfully meet its goals of exposing the truth about the fracking process. From a purely scientific perspective, the facts presented in the film seemed to be accurate, logical, and well presented.

If you are at all concerned about the practice of fracking oil and gas wells for any reason, this film should be high on your viewing list.  To be fair and impartial, you should also view Gasland to get the opposing view on the process so that you have a clear view of both sides of the controversy.

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