Food Grade Fracking Fluid Now Available to Industry

Source: Denver Business Journal - Frack Fluids

Source: Denver Business Journal - Gelled "frack" fluid dangles in mid-air above a cup during a test that water temperature and sand-water-chemical mixtures are correct. The test is performed before and during every hydraulic fracturing job.

We at Niobrara News have known for over a year that food grade fracking fluid was being developed from talking with our contacts at the Colorado Groundwater Association who have fracked water wells for municipalities, yes, you heard it correctly, fracked water wells! Well now it appears that the rumor of food grade fracking fluid has become fact.

Today, Cathy Proctor’s article at The Denver Business Journal is featuring this new food grade technology in an article that has the CEO of Halliburton and our very own brew-master Governor, John Hickenlooper drinking this new concoction, CleanStim.

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