EPA to regulate disposal of fracking wastewater

Source: Denver Business Journal - Frack Fluids

Source: Denver Business Journal - Gelled "frack" fluid dangles in mid-air above a cup during a test that water temperature and sand-water-chemical mixtures are correct. The test is performed before and during every hydraulic fracturing job.

Poster Commentary: While the EPA proposes to regulate natural gas and coalbed methane frack fluid disposal, it is hard to imagine that any proposed regulations would not also apply to fracking fluids used in oil and water wells. Yes, they do use hydraulic fracking for deep water wells to increase water production!


ALLENTOWN, Pa.—Federal environmental regulators signaled Thursday they want to increase oversight of the natural gas extraction industry, announcing they will develop national standards for the disposal of polluted wastewaters generated by a drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

Energy companies have dramatically expanded the use of fracking in recent years, injecting millions of gallons of water, sand and chemical additives to unlock gas in deep shale formations in Pennsylvania, Texas and other states. Its prevalence has raised concerns about the potential impact on water quality and quantity.

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