Colorado joins oil-producing states’ lawsuit against BLM

1280px-Flag_of_Colorado.svgBy Bruce Finley – The Denver Post – April 24, 2015

Colorado on Friday joined a lawsuit by oil-producing states challenging the federal government’s new rules for fracking on federal public lands.

The lawsuit contends the U.S. Bureau of Land Management cannot impose regulations on hydraulic fracturing, arguing that federal law lets states regulate oil and gas operations. Wyoming and North Dakota launched the litigation.

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman issued a statement saying Colorado has robust regulations and that state regulators are doing a good job.

“It is important to test BLM’s novel assertion of regulatory authority in an area that has been traditionally, and in this case expressly, reserved for the states,” Coffman said.

The lawsuit is not about whether fracking should be regulated. “It should be. And Colorado is doing so,” she said.

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