Colorado drilling regulators to enforce fluids disclosures

Source: Denver Business Journal - Frack Fluids

Source: Denver Business Journal – Gelled “frack” fluid dangles in mid-air above a cup during a test that water temperature and sand-water-chemical mixtures are correct. The test is performed before and during every hydraulic fracturing job.

By The Associated Press 10/18/2013

GRAND JUNCTION — Colorado oil and gas regulators are scheduled to take their first enforcement measures against companies for their suspected failure to fully comply with a rule requiring disclosure of chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing.

The move follows criticism over a lack of regulatory action since the rule was passed a year and a half ago, the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reported this week.

The alleged violations against at least 11 companies to date mostly involve a handful of wells, or in some cases a single well, per company. Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission enforcement officer Peter Gowen said they generally involve slip-ups.

“I don’t think we’ve seen anyone who is deliberately not complying with the rule. It’s mostly mistakes and perhaps missing deadlines or basically not keeping up with the volume of paperwork that they have to report,” he said.

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