Colorado anti-fracking measures: 1 down, 10 remain

Colorado State Capitol

Colorado State Capitol

A ballot proposal asking Colorado voters to ban fracking will be pulled from consideration for the 2016 ballot, according to a member of the group that filed the proposal in December.

But the other 10 proposals filed by Coloradans Resisting Extreme Energy Development (CREED) remain on the table, said Karen Dyke, who’s listed in state documents as the contact person for the 11 initiatives.

“We’re going to pull the one that’s the ban, not the other ones,” Dyke told the Denver Business Journal on Friday. “We’re down to 10, but we still have plenty to work with.”

Tricia Olson, a spokeswoman for CREED, said in an email: “While we didn’t want to eliminate any proposals, we always knew that we could only run one to two. At this point, it’s a process of elimination to get down to one or two.”

But while a proposal to ban fracking statewide may be off the table, the other initiatives backed by CREED are just as bad, said Karen Crummy, a spokeswoman for Protecting Colorado’s Environment, Economy and Energy Independence, an issues committee formed by the industry in 2014 to oppose anti-fracking initiatives.

“They withdrew it (the fracking ban proposal) because they know the vast majority of Coloradans support responsible oil and natural gas development and are against banning an entire industry,” Crummy said via email.

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Rockpick Says:  Why not just ban oil outright?, because that’s what you are going to get with some these initiatives specifying a 4000 ft setback. If voters approve most or all of them, then they are voting for much higher gasoline prices in the future due to limited supply!  …and where are all of the numerous examples of polluted groundwater from fracking, because isn’t banning/limiting fracking all about saving the environment?

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  1. I think Colorado should ban all fossil fuels and oil and gas. Then shut the valves at the state line and let them all walk for a few days, sit in a cold house without electricity, and see if they want to live that way. No plastic for their iphone, no construction, no nothing…

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