Anti-fracking group challenges ballot language for Broomfield ban

Hydraulic Fracturing Illustration - Idealized

Hydraulic Fracturing Illustration – Idealized

By Megan Quinn – Enterprise Staff Writer

Ballot language

The ballot item approved by council reads:

“Shall Broomfield’s Home Rule Charter be amended to prohibit the owners of property rights in oil and gas minerals from extracting their property through the use hydraulic fracturing methods and impose additional restrictions on wastewater storage and disposal methods than existing state regulations for the next five years to address concerns about the potential dangers of hydraulic fracturing?”

The ballot language proposed by Our Broomfield reads:

“Shall Broomfield’s Home Rule Charter be amended for five years so as to prohibit the use of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to extract oil, gas, or other hydrocarbons within the city and county of Broomfield and to prohibit the disposal or open pit storage of solid or liquid wastes created in connection with the hydraulic fracturing process in order to protect property, property values, public safety, welfare and the environment?”

A citizens group upset over language used for a November ballot question seeking a five-year fracking ban in Broomfield has filed a complaint in district court.

Anti-fracking group Our Broomfield is contesting the language of the ballot question, saying the wording violates state law as well as the intent of the petition circulated by the group.

The group, which wants to ban fracking in Broomfield for a five-year period because of health and safety concerns, said the language is prejudicial to the outcome and doesn’t fairly express the intent for putting the ban on the ballot.

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