Horizontal Drilling & Fracking

This section is provided for discussions and the dissemination of information related to Horizontal Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) technology and its effects. The information provided here represents how the technology works for a typical well site.

Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words, so included here are some YouTube video links on Horizontal Drilling and Fracturing technology at work. Obviously the horizontal drilling and fracturing apply directly to the Niobrara play. Some of these videos are related to gas plays, but the important take away from these videos is that the technology that can be used for either oil or gas and that the techniques used will vary slightly between each well as determined by the geologic factors present at the well location. The Chesapeake Energy video is nicely narrated.

Note:No Audio

Note:Audio Narration

Note:Audio Narration

Note: Audio Narration

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