ConocoPhillps Extends Reach in Southern Niobrara while Chesapeake and Noble Energy work the Wattenberg

Map Showing major portions of ConocoPhillips Niobrara Leasehold in Spring 2012

Map Showing major portions of ConocoPhillips Niobrara Leasehold in Spring 2012 - Click to Enlarge

Based on requests listed in the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s (COGCC) April Docket, it would appear that ConocoPhillips is extending its reach in the Niobrara after its entry in 2011 with it’s acquisition of the Lario Oil and Gas properties, and its high profile acquisition of the lucrative Lowry Bombing Range (LBR) leases from the Colorado State Land Board which was approved last month at a record price of $6500/acre and 20% royalty. The latest docket shows ConocoPhillips seeking 5 spacing orders for recently acquired private leasehold acreage adjacent (see map) or nearby its core

holdings of 22,000 acres on LBR.  There is also a buzz that the company is interested in substantially adding to its acreage in areas directly south of the bombing range directly to the east of the city of Parker, CO based on multiple reports from mineral owners in that area.

Also on the April docket are many pooling requests by Chesapeake Energy for properties in Weld County’s Wattenberg Field. Chesapeake seems to have concentrated its efforts in Wattenberg after it mysteriously dropped active lease agreements with mineral owners in the Douglas and Elbert counties late last summer.

Noble Energy continues to work the Wattenberg field hard with many requests to pool all resources in many sections of the field in advance of what is expected to be an ambitious Niobrara drilling program.

It would appear that the momentum in Niobrara Play continues to accelerate as companies improve their efficiencies and knowledge of the play.

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