Colorado Oil and Gas Firms to rollout Voluntary Water Monitoring Program

By Dennis Webb – 10/17/2011 The Daily Sentinel
“Colorado oil and gas companies are preparing for a Nov. 1 rollout of the nation’s first statewide voluntary groundwater monitoring program for their industry. The Colorado Oil and Gas Association is launching a baseline testing program that it hopes will show the public that oil and gas operations don’t foul groundwater. The plan is to test groundwater before and after drilling a well to determine initial water quality and whether subsequent drilling had any impact.”

Niobrara News with further investigation has learned that the Colorado Oil and Gas Association has constructed a program for the purpose of demonstrating that drilling and hydraulic fracking do not compromise the quality of Colorado’s water resources. According to COGA: “The purpose of the COGA Program is to collect data before and after drilling operations at individual well sites to demonstrate that groundwater quality has not been impacted by the drilling and hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells.” Read more about the COGA voluntary program

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  1. RickGrice says:

    Water available in Lincoln/Elbert/El Paso counties.
    A large source of clean (formerly agricultural) water is available for drilling and production purposes in Elbert, Lincoln, and El Paso counties in Colorado. By the truck-load or buy the rights. Up to 2 million GPD. Contact Rick at (303)840 2313.

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