Bank of Montreal Asks If “Oil Prices Could Collapse To $20”; Answers: “Yes”

oil-drop-dollarsignTyler Durden – ZeroHedge – December 27, 2015

When looking at the price of oil in 2015, Canada’s Bank of Montreal admits it was wrong. Very, very wrong.

In our “2015 Year Ahead” report we laid out three plausible scenarios: (1) our base case, which forecast Brent crude oil prices of $50-60/bbl over the first half of 2015 and $60-80/bbl over the second half of the year; (2) a bull case, which forecast a Brent trading range of $85-95; and a bear case, which suggested a Brent trading range of $50-60/bbl. The actual trading range in 2015 proved to be even more ‘bearish’ than our bear case, with Brent generally trading between $36 and $60/bbl. So what did we get wrong?

The answer: pretty much everything but mostly the fact that in the race to the production bottom (“we’ll make up for plunging prices with soaring volumes”) only dramatic outcomes, which shock the status quo, have any impact, to wit:

“we assumed that Iraq production would average 2.9 million bpd; actual production was roughly 1 million bpd higher. We also assumed that Saudi Arabia would be content to hold production at 9.2 million bpd whereas actual production was roughly 800,000 bpd higher. In our view, this incremental 1.8 million bpd of production was the principal reason that global oil inventories swelled by more than 340 million barrels to a record high of approximately 3.1 billion barrels and why crude oil prices have collapsed.”

Well, that, and the fact that the financial BTFD community finally threw in the towel on the most financialized commodity, and following two failed attempts at dead cat bounces, may have thrown in the towel. That said, just looking at speculative positions, oil may have a long way to drop still.

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