Willoughby: Colorado Parks and Wildlife faces tough call on drilling for oil

by Scott Willoughby – the Denver Post – 1-11-2012

Parks and Wildlife finds itself between a rock and a hard place this week as the agency ventures onto the slippery slope of drilling for oil at a state park and a state wildlife area.

There is no easy answer for the 14-member CPW Commission staring at Thursday’s anticipated vote on a request to authorize CPW director Rick Cables to negotiate and finalize a surface use agreement allowing energy development from a 10-acre well pad at St. Vrain State Park in Longmont.

On one hand, the commission could appear to be selling out the very parks and wildlife it is sworn to protect. On the other, it could be accused of being fiscally irresponsible for shortchanging the agency responsible for managing our parks and wildlife by attempting to deny what some consider a foregone conclusion.

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