Political consultants and dollars lining up in Colorado oil and gas ballot battle

Drill Pipe - Image Credit - Wikepedia

Drill Pipe – Image Credit – Wikepedia

By Mark Jaffe  – The Denver Post – June 3, 2014

The battle over the  to give local government more control  development is, for the moment, gathering paid consultants – with nearly $1 million spent in the last two weeks.

The most recent campaign finance reports, filed June 2 with the Colorado Secretary of State, don’t show much fund-raising, but they do show cash going out to political operatives.

The campaign committees have already raised more about $5 millionand now they are beginning to spend it.

The single biggest disbursement — $909,000 — went to Communications, an Oregon-based consultant. It came from the  committee, ,.

“They are responsible for running the campaign on the ballot initiatives,” said Karen Crummy, a spokeswoman for the industry committee. The committee has raised nearly $3 million and is opposing 10 proposed ballot measures.

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