Lario Oil and Gas – Wildcatting the Niobrara in Arapahoe County

Lario Niobrara Wildcat Permitted Wells - Click to Enlarge

For oil industry folks, this isn’t exactly new news, but Lario Oil and Gas company has made a substantial gamble in the Niobrara by permitting four horizontal Wildcat wells (locations shown in thumbnail image) just south of Watkins in T4S R64W. These wells were granted permits by the COGCC on April 11, 2011, so these wells may already be underway, or getting close to being started.

This data confirms the heavy industry interest in this area as noted by the seismic surveys that were being run right along I-70 just a few miles north of these well locations. The completion of these wells will yield valuable data on the eastern edge of the Niobrara and set the tone for other operators going forward.

Since these wells are Wildcats, there is a 6 month quiet period (COGCC Rule 308C ) during which the company does not have to divulge any production figures, geologic reports, well logs, total depth, or other relevant information thus preserving the companies proprietary information rights against its competitors for a short period of time.

The records for these wells can be found on the COGCC website. We will be eagerly looking forward to seeing the results of these wildcats.

API No. Name Objective Formation Proposed TD Well Location Footage Call Field
05-005-07166-00 Grimm 34-4H  Niobrara  12,115 NENW 34 4S 64W 260 FNL 1320 FWL Wildcat
05-005-07164-00 Tebo 32-1H Nobrara  12,206 NENE 32 4S 64W 263 FNL 1256 FEL Wildcat
05-005-07165-00 Tebo 29-1H Niobrara 12,032 SESE 29 4S 64W 265 FSL  765 FEL Wildcat
05-005-07163-00 Lee 35-3H  Niobrara 12,122 NENW 35 4S 64W 260 FNL 1320 FWL Wildcat

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2 Responses to Lario Oil and Gas – Wildcatting the Niobrara in Arapahoe County

  1. e_setter_man says:

    Are there any other new wells in the Bennett, Strasburg, Watkins area? If so, any production numbers?

    • RockPick says:

      Hi e-setter_man

      Finally! Some news from the Bennett, Strasburg, Watkins area. A well called BIRD STATE 32-8 is being drilling on the Arapahoe Co. on Arapahoe/Adams County border by RENEGADE OIL & GAS COMPANY LLC. It is a vertical well in the BRAVE field looking to complete in the D SAND, J SAND and NIOBRARA-CODELL. No doubt some good info on the Niobrara will be gained from this well. The record for this well can be found at

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