ConocoPhillips Niobrara Drill Results Remain Elusive

Picture of ConocoPhillips Drill Rig drilling in the Niobrara Play - Image Credit ConocoPhillps

Picture of ConocoPhillips Drill Rig drilling in the Niobrara Play – Image Credit ConocoPhillps

Completion results from the ConocoPhillips (COP) Grimm 34 #4H wildcat well located in an area near the Lowry Bombing Range were released today by the COGCC.

Conoco’s results are being closely watched as there is little publicly known data to indicate what kind of production can be expected from this area far from the Wattenberg field where the bulk of the Niobrara production has occurred to date.

The Production Data Report from the well which was spudded almost a year ago on 8/7/2012, were being held confidential by the COGCC until June 1, 2013.

The reported results follow the same trend as previous well results from COP where the reported results show that the well has not been completed in any formation while the well itself is in PR or production status.

Supporting records for the well such as the Deviated Drill Plan indicate that the well would be completed horizontally in the Niobrara C bench with a TD of 11,873 feet. In a Notice of Notification it was reported that the well received a hydraulic fracturing treatment on November 1st.

The production results show that the well was shut-in from Aug – Oct  and then produced after it was fracked on November 1st.

Since the well is “Not Completed” it is impossible to determine Initial Production (IP) figures. The completion results do show a large amount of produced water coming out of the well initially with minimal oil and some gas in November.  The the best month of data that looks to be indicative of possible real world results occurs in February where 3282 bbl/oil and 2346 MCF of gas were produced during 28 days.  The BOE for February would come out to 131.66 boepd (see Calculating Barrels of Oil Equivalent from COGCC records). That result, is of course, not stellar for a horizontal Niobrara well at the beginning of the decline curve.

These results do not appear to be indicative of what the company is expecting from their “completed” wells and is more likely another test well to aid in the company’s Niobrara exploration effort.  Further evidence that these are not real world production results comes from the company’s most recent petition to the COGCC for their 1st Niobrara 1280 spacing unit in Sections 15 and 16, Township 5 South, Range 64 West, 6th P.M. along with 5 other 640 acre spacing units in the same township as their Grimm 34-4H well.

Clearly ConocoPhillips is encouraged by their recent results since they continue to petition for more spacing units and build new pipelines to carry away future production.

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2 Responses to ConocoPhillips Niobrara Drill Results Remain Elusive

  1. RockPick says:


    Yes, all the tracks in the sand indicate much more oil than these results reported to the COGCC show. I just read on the Denver Business Journal that COP is now planning their first well on the LBR as opposed to all the other wells that have been on leases outside, but adjacent to the Range. COP corporate barely mentions the Niobrara in their presentations. Unusually stealthy, even for them. … and they have been good a keeping industry rumors quiet as well.


  2. shnog says:

    I wish I could see into their crystal ball on this thing. They definitely have something behind the curtain here did they don’t want everybody else to know about. Because a couple of hundred barrel a-day wells aren’t enough to justify these massive lease purchases and long lateral drill spacing applications.

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