COGCC approves new rules to limit drilling impacts near residences

Colorado Oil and Gas Commission

Colorado Oil and Gas Commission

On January 9th, 2013 the COGCC preliminarily approved new rules to limit the drilling impacts near residences. The new rules address concerns of residents that could potentially be affected by drilling in the Denver Julesberg basin.

The new rules include a suite of important new provisions. They include:

  • Operators proposing to drill within 1,000 feet of an occupied structure would be required to meet new and enhanced measures to limit the disruptions a nearby drill site can create. Those measures include closed loop drilling that eliminate pits, liner standards to protect against spills, capture of gases to reduce odors and emissions, as well as strict controls on the nuisance impacts of noise, dust and lighting.
  • Existing setback standards of 150 feet in rural areas and 350 feet in urban areas are extended to a uniform 500 feet statewide.
  • Operators cannot operate within 1,000 feet of buildings housing larger numbers of people, such as schools, nursing homes and hospitals, without a hearing before the Commission.
  • Operators must engage in expanded notice and outreach efforts with nearby residents and conduct additional engagement with local governments about proposed operations. As part of this, operators proposing drilling within 1,000 feet must meet with anyone within that area who asks.To read the COGCC statement click the link: COGCC APPROVES SWEEPING NEW MEASURES TO LIMIT DRILLING IMPACTS
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