Bonanza Creek to Conduct Downspacing and Stacking Test in Niobrara B, C bench and Codell Fm.

Bonanza Creek Investor Presentation Slide showing Wattenberg Field Results 2013

Bonanza Creek Investor Presentation Slide showing Wattenberg Field Results 2013

Bonanza Creek Energy in their February 4th Investor Presentation released results showing an increase in production of 135% from 3Qtr 2012 to 3Qtr 2013 to 11,803 boe/d. The company is reporting greater than 350 MMBoe of resource potential. Much of that potential comes from their flagship Wattenberg Niobrara/Codell flagship asset consisting of over 100+ operated horizontal wells.

Bonanza Creek in 2014 plans to drill wells in the Wattenberg Extension area targeting the Niobrara A, B, C benches along with the Codell Formation. The company also has Niobrara interests in Colorado’s North Park Basin.

The companys results from 2 extended reach laterals was 781 boe/d (78% crude). Results from the Codell (3 wells) produced 539 boe/d.  Similar results of 422 boe/d were produced from the Niobrara C bench.  Results from 40 acre downspacing in two pilot test of the Niobrara B bench were  418 boe/d and 343/boe/d respectively.

The company plans to conduct a “Super-Section” downspacing and stacking test of 15 stacked 4000 foot laterals. The test will be conducted in the Niobrara B, C benches and the Codell. Bonanza Creek plans to gain operational efficiencies from centralized gathering,  and production facilities, bulk water delivery systems, and reduced drilling and completion times.

Click here to read the full February 2014 Investor Presentation


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