Anadarko Lowry Bombing Range Wildcat Initial Production Figures Are Released

IP Results from Anadarko Wildcat Well - STATE OF CO 5-24HZ - Click to Enlarge

Today the COGCC released the long awaited initial production (IP) results from Anadarko’s wildcat well, STATE OF CO 5-24HZ located on the Lowry Bombing Range. IP results showed  200 BOE/day in the first month of production and had dropped to a drip of 127 BOE/d by the 90 day mark.  This well has long been viewed as an important test in the Niobrara outside of the of the Wattenberg field where horizontal wells with IP of 800 BOE/d declining to 400 – 500 BOE/d are being drilled.

This well’s production results while less than a typical Wattenberg Field horizontal well, shows promise for the area. There are many factors that need to be controlled in order to produce a successful well, and Anadarko has already committed to exploring the field just north of the Bombing Range with new wildcat well permit requests near Watkins.


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2 Responses to Anadarko Lowry Bombing Range Wildcat Initial Production Figures Are Released

  1. Lisa says:

    Hey Rock, the results of this well were definitely not what we were hoping for. You still seem quite optimistic however. Anadarko must still be confident in the LBR with its future plans in the same vicinity. I know they’ve done their own seismic survey on the area. Did they not have those results when they drilled this less than stellar well? Any additional light you can shed on the subject would be greatly appreciated!

    • RockPick says:


      I agree that the results are not what was hoped for. However as you point out, their continued interest in the area just a geologic stones throw away to the north, tells me that this well must have yielded some encouraging info. I believe the area is still in play. I don’t have any additional info at the moment, but I can tell you that as part of the Niobrara Research Consortium at the Colorado School of Mines, Anadarko has access to a lot of data that has not published. The story will play out this summer with the drilling of these Anadarko wells to the north, and ConocoPhillips wells on/near the range.



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