Copyright and Fair Use of Content


Copyright_symbol_9The Federal Copyright Act protects Niobrara New’s right, and the right or our readers to make fair use of copyrighted content. We have no problem with people who quote a small amount of a story or web page so as to comment on it, or make reference to it. This is called fair use of copyrighted content.  We ourselves use fair use to provide important and relevant news that has been reported by other sources.

Fair use of our content restricts those who want to reference it to reproduce no more than a headline and up to a couple of paragraphs or a summary of the story or other published content.  We also request that you provide a web link to our entire work (web page, document or image) that references Niobrara News as the source when referring to our content.  The fair use rule generally does not entitle users to display the whole story or photograph on their website. To do so would be a violation of our copyright and we would pursue legal remedies to address the infringement our our copyright.

We will gladly entertain requests for the permission to use our works in their entirety. Requests for permission may be made at

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