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Weld County

This area is provided for users to ask questions and discuss leasing and oil industry activity in their specific area of the Niobrara. It is helplful if you list your Section, Township and Range so that others can know how close they are to you and what information may be relevant.

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28 Responses to CO – Weld Co.

  1. Eric says:

    interested in selling mineral rights, 85 acres – 10N62W34S

  2. Peter King says:

    We are looking to lease approx. 80 acres in Weld County, T11N, R66W, Section 15

    Please contact

  3. Charles Sorensson says:

    An energy company is showing interest in purchasing our surface mineral rights to 100 acres in Weld County (3N-67W, 6th PM, Section 6).

    Does anyone else have insights to what is a fair market price per acre? Is this area attractive for more drilling?

  4. theotherone says:

    Township 7 North, Range 63 West, Section 20. I have not had the rights in my name for very long and am trying to learn as much as I can. I have a lease agreement sitting in front of me and would like to have a good understanding of how these work. I would like to contact the other folks that own the rights as well, there are 5 with my current understanding. Any help in the right direction would be much appreciated!

  5. Beverly Huber says:

    Hello, I would like to know more about my Royalty and mineral rights.
    And how and when I get my checks please! I live out of state, and would love more info
    On all my interest please. I have N/2 Section 19 Township 9 North Range 58 West in weld county . Has there been any process on my section? Thank you so much and where is the site where I can keep up with all my process like a website? I can’t seem to find the right one. Thank you so much Bev Huber

  6. TA says:

    My previous post did not have the section listed. The section is 14, Township 8 North, Range 67 West, 6 P.M. If anyone has any information regarding this acreage, please send me a note. Thank you.

  7. TA says:

    Doe anyone know if there are any wells (active or not) on Township 8 North, Range 67 West, 6 P.M. in Weld County? The mineral rights were leased to Chesapeake for the past 5 years with nothing happening as far as we can tell. The company has not been very forthcoming with any information. Power Tech has now approached us to lease the property for $80 for 5 years. It sounds like a paltry sum to tie up the parcel for 5 years. Any thoughts? Thank you.

    • Wyooil says:

      There are offers south of you at $400 per acre with 3/16th royalty. I would not go longer than three years, and you may want a continuous drilling clause to hold the lease (e.g. subsequent well must be drilled within six months of spud of the prior (or initial) well on the lease). That will give you some control.

      Recommendation: hire a good landman to structure and review any lease agreement. DO NOT try to do it on your own unless you are well-versed legally in oil and gas.

  8. jackbradenelle says:

    We have producing wells in Weld County but I have heard that because of low oil prices there are a lot of drilled wells that haven’t been fracked yet and I’m pretty sure they have slowed down on number of rigs, too. All in good time I think wells will be drilled for those who have minerals that have been verified by seismic testing.

  9. Gary says:

    Hello – We live out of state and our family has a mineral interest in Weld County in Township 8 North, Range 66 West, Section 8. Is this an area where productive wells have been drilled or is expected to be a productive area? Any info on what the going lease bonus in this area and lease term would be much appreciated.

  10. Leah Sullivan says:

    Hello – we are interested in learning of drilling operations in Weld County Section 18, Township 4 North, Range 64 West as we are royalty owners. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  11. metzelmiller says:

    Hello, we have oil rights on T6N, R61W in Weld Co, Colorado. Could you tell me if there is any drilling going on or will any drilling in the future?


    • RockPick says:

      Hi metzelmiller

      Yes there are many drilling permits in your township. It looks like Bill Barrett Corporation is the primary driller there. The COGCC has approved many permits in the last 12 months. 4 Niobrara wells in NENW 30 6N 61W, 4 Niobrara wells in NENE 30 6N 61W, 1 Niobrara well in Lot 1 19 6N 61W, 1 well in NWNE 18 6N 61W, 1 well in the Dakota D Sand NE NW 36 6N 61W, 1 well in the Niobrara LOT 4 4 6N 61W, and 1 Niobrara well in SESW 8 6N 61W. I don’t know if these have been drilled or are waiting to be drilled, but obviously there is activity in the Township. To best way to check on drilling activity or pending activity is on the COGCC site. Look under permits.

      Best Regards,


  12. jackbradenelle says:

    Our family are royalty owners in Weld County and we hope that the county stays strong about welcoming the big and small companies in to drill. The companies seem to be doing a responsible job fracking the wells and a lot of the environmentalist are just downright dishonest in their presentation of the “facts”. Josh Fox and his Gasland documentaries are an embarrassment to him for their untruths, yet he has so many half-witted fans cheering him on in the entertainment industry, etc.
    Boulder just has a bunch of ex-Californians who have left that state totally botched up and are now working on Colorado. Heaven help us.
    I just have to roll my eyes and hope the drilling continues on schedule.

  13. donalddb says:

    Has anyone heard of any activity in Weld County near section 2, township 8N, range 66W, 6th PM?
    Thanks, donalddb

    • RockPick says:


      There does not appear to be any activity logged with the COGCC in 2 T8N R66W since Chesapeake got some permits approved in 2011. I am not sure about recent drilling activity however. Since Chesapeake was in that area, it is possible that their acreage is lying idle as they try to sell their entire Niobrara portfolio for cash to prop up their over-extended balance sheet. They have been big sellers of leases many of the gas and oil plays.


    • Wyooil says:

      Go to the COGCC website and click on the COGIS tab. You can then search the database for all the wells in the surrounding area, as well as their production. It will take some time to get comfortable with the data, but after doing some research it will make sense.

  14. Arlburn says:

    Anyone know if Chesapeake is renewing leases in north west Weld County? I have a lease with Chesapeake expiring end of July, 2013 in section 32-10N-67W. Thanks for any info. Arlburn

  15. Digger1 says:

    Hi has anyone heard anything about Chesapeake Energy ? I heard that they were trying to sell their holding in NE Colorado. Has this happened ? and to who if they did ? Is there any news on this ? Thanks : Digger1

  16. It sounds lie we owners in Weld county are at the merciy of EOG; Is their any information about their time table for development ?

    • RockPick says:


      Sorry, but I disagree. If you look at the activity for 2012 in Weld County, you will see that EOG does not figure very prominently, in fact have not had many approved permits this year. From my quick view of COGCC records it looks like Noble Energy, Anadarko (Kerr McGee), Great Western, and Encana are the most active. I would consider contacting all of those operators if you are seeking to lease your minerals.


  17. Berserker27 says:

    Our families royalty interest is in 8North 64 West in Weld County- just notified today of the first royalties on an Owl Creek Well – curious about who else might have a contiguous interest and potential future production in that area. Any information would be welcome. Thanks

  18. Veggie49 says:

    Has anyone heard of any activity in Weld County Township 9N 59W Section 26
    EOG has been granted a drilling permit (among many around this area)

    • rondlite77 says:

      Hello, Veggie49,

      I have a royalty acreage interest near you in Weld County Township 11N 64W Section 20, where EOG has recently won permit approval also. I haven’t received any other official word about when they would start to drill, but intuition tells me they would start this Spring or Summer since it is the start of the “drilling season”, what with better weather and all. I think EOG has a confidentiality agreement going on with Weld County officials not to release information about a well or wells until the last minute, probably to avoid any loss of timing advantage to competitors or other landowners in the area. This is all just my opinion, but I think that’s going on. Alot of the other townships and sections are being leased right now in this area, so I’m excited about it too. I would think that with an approved permit in hand, EOG would want to commence drilling as soon as they can, but it’s understandable that with all the other active leases they have in this area, they wouldn’t want to have too much on their plate at one time. Patience here is called for, but they’ll get to it. They wouldn’t have bothered to permit it otherwise. Let me know if you hear anything!! DRILL,BABY, DRILL!!!

      • Sedona262 says:

        Hello rondlite77, My royalty interest is in Weld County 11N, 62W. The drilling permits have been approved since November 2010 and January 2011. No drilling has been started yet on my sections.Do you know of a way to find out information on a start up date. It seems that the Colorado State owned sections in my township and surrounding ones have received expedited preference with regard to drilling vs. approval date.

        • rondlite77 says:

          Hello, Sedona262,

          I don’t know how to get info on a startup date for drilling. The operators(oil companies) in that area may have confidentiality agreements in place with Weld County officials requesting that the County NOT release any info regarding drilling any particular location until they’re just about ready to start. This is probably because the operator would be worried about giving a landowner or other competitor an unfair advantage over others in the area regarding pricing per acre in the lease agreement. That info, if leaked out too early to other landowners in the vicinity, might give them an unfair advantage in asking what price they want for their acreage. That landowner could then”spill the beans” to others, giving the others unfair leverage in the lease negotiations. So, I think this is why some oil companies make these confidentiality agreements with the County Records people in advance. That could be what’s going on here. I know of no other way of finding out when drilling would start in an area. Even if you call the oil company directly and ask them, they probably wouldn’t tell you, citing the same reason. I think EOG is the dominant operator in the area, and they’re known for keeping development decisions “under wraps” until they’re ready to make them known.

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