CO – Douglas Co.

Douglas County

This area is provided for users to ask questions and discuss leasing and oil industry activity in their specific area of the Niobrara. It is helplful if you list your Section, Township and Range so that others can know how close they are to you and what information may be relevant.

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11 Responses to CO – Douglas Co.

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  2. MikeA says:


    Great site and very informative, I have to say as a landowner in Douglas I am very concerned about Chesapeake’s recent safety record. A $900,000 fine in P.A. for leaking chemicals into multiple wells due to a poor casing job. Last month they suspended operations after a another accident , a blow out I believe. I understand that fracking is generally safe according to conventional wisdom but WOW !! Besides getting a settlement for the ruined wells, what recourse does a landowner have in this type of accident? I would assume this type of accident would dramatically affect somebody’s property values, if not totally destroy them? I know I would certainly not want to buy property that had a previously contaminated well or where fracking fluid had been spilled. I am even more concerned because I live inside a subdivision where Red Sky landman have been suggesting that they would want to drill the open areas in our community. I saw a article where John Dill from Chesapeake said they drill in suburban and urban areas all the time!! I guess this confirms that drilling is indeed coming to suburbia. I know from reading your site that I can negotiate a surface agreement to protect my rights, but how do I protect myself from a drilling pad that gets placed in my neighbors property? If there is an accident on the other side of the fence so to speak, I will still be hugely affected. Can my surface use agreement protect my property values from negligent drilling on a neighbors land? On a side note my neighbor was told by Red Sky that his 10 acres was too small to drill on so he didn’t need anything but the regular lease. I wish he had seen your site or talked to an attorney first. But he believed the landman when told he had nothing to worry about. Not only did he warranty his mineral rights, not get a pugh clause, and allow expenses taken out of his royalty, he signed away the surface rights for the house he has lived in for 40 years and raised his family. I wonder what the ramifications are for his property now that it is encumbered with a potential drilling rig or a tank battery . He said, he talked to a cousin on the West Slope who told him he might as well sign because he would be forced into it eventually. Which is the same threat Red Sky used. I wish people understood that forced pooling is not a tool that the land man even has. The oil company ultimately does that after other avenues have failed, not only do they prefer NOT to, but they still have to make you a fair an reasonable offer . Sorry for the rant, but people should know that EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE !! get a surface agreement and other protections that your entitled to. Don’t blindly sign the landmans lease, at the very least go to the Royalty Owners page and research what SHOULD be in your lease.

    Frustrated Homeowner

    • RockPick says:

      Hi MikeA,

      We are constantly trying to keep the website up to date with events and post more info as we learn it.

      Yes, Chesapeake has gotten some bad press on the blowout in PA. Keep in mind that they have different geology back there and it is gas drilling where that type of accident can occur. Now I am not absolving Chesapeake here, as blowouts should not occur if their engineering is good, but my point is that I am not as concerned about blowouts here in the Niobrara where they are going for oil.

      I am sorry to hear that some people signed the “Standard” lease. Its just sad as these people have by default given away their protections. A lawyer is cheap protection if something bad does happen.

      As far as protecting yourself from a drill site on your neighbors property, there is not much you can do, however if you have a water well, you should be taking a pre-drilling water sample that is analyized for any contaminents that could be introduced by drilling, and have it done by a professional so it cannot be contested in court. Which it will. Thats pretty much all you can do other than complain to the COGCC if water, noise, air, or truck traffic is degrading your quality of life. They do have to act on those complaints.

      If you do have minerals, its up to you to grant or deny surface rights. In a subdivision, regardless of if they can drill there or not, and they will tell you they won’t, I would want it written into the lease, no drilling or surface rights! Legal contracts trump State Regulations in this case. If the oil company is sincere that they won’t drill on your land, then they should have no problem signing a lease that has that in writing.

      I agree, EVERYTHING is negotiable on a lease and I would not sign a bad lease. …and by all means get GOOD representation to help you.

  3. dunahay says:

    By the way, RockPick-are you being greedy and leasing your land just to make a buck while allowing your neighborhoods water supply to lay in jeopardy of contamination?

    • RockPick says:

      This comment does not deserve a response. However, I will point out for all readers that it is typical of people with closed minds and a weak position to launch personal attacks when they lack the facts with which to carry on an intelligent conversation.

  4. dunahay says:

    My friend was planning to move into Ponderosa Hills, and when she found out about this fracking business, she pulled out of the deal. If you read the information out there, it is scary to have your ground water polluted with crap! I haven’t noticed trucks, but know that the Chesapeake Oil couldn’t be bothered coming to the meeting. They should be made to live in the area they are drilling and drink their own contaminated ground water.

    • RockPick says:


      Thank you for your comment. I too was extremely disappointed that Chesapeake Energy did not show up to the Ponderosa Hills Civic Association Meeting. In my opinion I believe their reputation was tarnished as a result. I am not here to defend this or any other oil company, however, I am here to represent the facts.

      The fact is that it is incorrect to assume that ALL horizontal wells drilled and fracked by this company will have bad fracking jobs and/or surface spills that will contaminate ground water. That presumptive statement would be an over-exaggeration of the facts. I would encourage you to do some research before making the sweeping statement you just made.

      I believe the discussion of a particular contamination incident that you are concerned about, would be a far more constructive topic than a general statement that this is a company that just pollutes everywhere they operate.

      I would welcome a factual discussion of bad fracking jobs on this forum conducted by any company. The more factual information that is out there for everyone to read, the better.

      This oil company, and all the others, are required by state law to keep the aquifers clean of any contaminants. IF they do not, then they should, and will be fined, and sued in a court of law, by those affected… as they should be.

      I seriously doubt that this company would be allowed to operate if every well they drilled ended up contaminating ground water.

      • dunahay says:

        Dude, FACT-if you put 500+chemicals in the ground the earth will get contaminated including water
        FACT-the states do not have enough man power to regulate as they should
        FACT-the chemicals the companies use are proprietary and will not give full disclosure
        FACT-Dick Cheney allowed legislative measures to go through where this type of drilling is excluded of the clean water act and
        FACT-the EPA also was removed from having any jurisdiction over this type of drilling and lastly,
        FACT-people are getting I’ll along with their animals whether there is a SPILL OR NOT.
        FACT-Do you really think that due to all these FACTS that any one is regulating or monitoring them and if I had billions as an industry and multimillions to pay for lobbyists that I would be able to hide the truth and be able to claim that it is safe?

        • RockPick says:

          Again, you point to so called facts without any specifics. If you want to have an intelligent conversation, pick an incident and show us the data and make your case. Saying that fracking fluid contains 500+ chemicals that contaminates groundwater is not a fact as I do not agree that every well injected with these fluids finds its way into an aquifer. Where is your evidence that this happens for every fracked well?

          Saying that companies are not releasing fracking fluid make up is just plain false, I point you to the site as my evidence, or isn’t that good enough for you? Saying there are not enough regulators is meaningless. By COGCC regulations (perhaps you should read them) these wells must pass inspections and get permits at many steps in the drilling process before they can continue drilling, if they don’t they stop work.

          Back up your “facts” with data. Include a link to a scientific or technical paper supporting your position, maybe then I will want to take you seriously. If you don’t, then all you are doing is ranting.

  5. RockPick says:

    Today I heard a rumor that a Thumper Truck was seen in operation for 1/2 a day last week at the corner of Ponderosa Dr. and Pine Lane just east of Parker. That would be in the SW1/4 of Section 10, Township 6S Range 66W. That area is known to be leased by CENOTE Resources according to County Records. Clients do not commit Vibroseis work without some clients being very interested in the data. Has anyone else seen Seismic Trucks in their area? If you have, we would appreciate a report.

  6. RockPick says:

    In a meeting with the Ponderosa Hills Civic Association (Sec. 11-12, R65W T6S) a representative of Chesapeake Energy indicated that this is a prime area for lease acquisition due to thermal maturity and local fracturing of the formation in our sections.

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