CO – Arapahoe Co.

Arapahoe County

Arapahoe County

This area is provided for users to ask questions and discuss leasing and oil industry activity in their specific area of the Niobrara. It is helplful if you list your Section, Township and Range so that others can know how close they are to you and what information may be relevant.

If you spot either Seismic, Well Drilling or other activity please report it here with at least a a road intersection or a Section, Township or Range location.

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9 Responses to CO – Arapahoe Co.

  1. Steve says:

    Are any royalties being paid as of this date?
    If so what is average payment and period?

  2. John Jones says:

    ConocoPhillips is letting oil & gas leases expire in 64W, 4S. ConocoPhillips is not responding to emails, website inquiries or phone calls about the expired leases.

    Hiline Resources with Bison Oil & Gas has provided written, significant lease offers with favorable terms.

  3. Giddyup says:

    Hey Rock, I see that Conoco Phillips finally released results of a couple of their wells. The numbers are less than stellar. However, in the “formation” column, it says “not complete”. What does this all mean?

    • RockPick says:


      I assume you are referring to the Tebo 29 in Sec32 T4S R64W and Tebo 3 in Sec 3 T5S R64W as reported by the COGCC. I will inquire to about the “Not Completed” status of the wells, but I don’t think the production results that have been given to the COGCC are indicative of what COP expects to produce from their acreage. I am not sure if this is an oilfield trick to under-report results or if they had problems in both wells. More results from another well be coming out on June 21st.


      • Giddyup says:

        Those are the ones! With results like that, it would be a little hard to justify the new sweet spot statements they’ve been making. Thanks for checking into it!

  4. rhodarein says:

    We have mortgage with Wells Fargo, they state in letter I have that “they will not subordinate their lien to an oil/gas lease for any reason.”
    Wells Fargo signed a “consent of lienholder” document and returned that original to me. I have attached it. They want me to file original with Arapahoe County and return to them a copy of that recorded document.
    I have not filed it yet. The agents for Conoco, Contex Energy, are urging me NOT to file and hand over the original to them. They say that they will file the original after their well is in place. They state that Wells Fargo should have sent them the original in the first place, not me.

    So, I think that I want you to tell me who to obey! Should I go file the original at the county against the wishes of the oil company? Does this really impede their progress? Alternatively, why should I obey Wells Fargo? I am not worried about foreclosure.

    One more question, if this all happens and they are producing and paying me a royalty, should I sever the mineral rights from the land? It is thought that this area might be good and long term production. But even so, would you advise not bothering to sever until the time that I would sell land? What is cost to sever?

    • RockPick says:


      It sounds like Wells Fargo is getting a bit touchy about “your” property. It is after all, yours, a fact they seem to be forgetting. Owning the note, is not the same as owning the property. If you own the mineral rights, then they are yours to sell or lease, should you choose to do so.

      I would however suggest, that you do not consider the opinions of anyone, except an attorney hired by you to look after your interests. I would consult with an oil and gas attorney before making your decision on how to proceed.

      You need to know your rights and how to protect them. I would not take the advice of an oil company, bank, or somebody from the internet on this one. Yes, it will cost you some money up front, but since your house and any future oil revenues are at stake, it is a small price to pay. Above all, you should be armed with the facts by someone who has your best interest in mind.

      Best of luck,


  5. RockPick says:

    It looks like our field reports of seismic activity along I-70 have been confirmed. See article on our front page.

  6. RockPick says:

    It has been reported to me that there is a an ongoing seismic survey with stakes being laid out along both the North (Adams Co,) and South (Arapahoe Co.) sides of I-70 near Bennett, CO, with signs near the Kiowa-Bennett Rd. There is no available identity for the operator. Any reports containing more information are most welcome.

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