CO – Adams Co.

Adamas County

Adams County

This area is provided for users to ask questions and discuss leasing and oil industry activity in their specific area of the Niobrara. It is helplful if you list your Section, Township and Range so that others can know how close they are to you and what information may be relevant.

If you spot either Seismic, Well Drilling or other activity please report it here with at least a a road intersection or a Section, Township or Range location.

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3 Responses to CO – Adams Co.

  1. RockPick says:

    It looks like our field reports of seismic activity along I-70 have been confirmed. See article on our front page.

  2. RockPick says:

    I have had another report on Seismic Surveys along the North and South sides of I-70 from Manilla Rd. west to Watkins. Any reports containing more information are most welcome. If you know the seismic company, that would be a bonus.

  3. RockPick says:

    It has been reported to me that there is a an ongoing seismic survey with stakes being laid out along both the North (Adams Co,) and South (Arapahoe Co.) sides of I-70 near Bennett, CO, with signs near the Kiowa-Bennett Rd. There is no available identity for the operator. Any reports containing more information are most welcome.

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